What is Air Freight? Logistics Terms and Definitions

August 16, 2022

Air freight is a transport mode that uses planes and helicopters to move cargo between two points. It's one of the most efficient ways to move large items, as compared to other modes like trucking or shipping by boat. And because air freight is so fast, it can be an important part of your business's logistics.

What are the benefits of air freight?

Air freight is the process of transporting goods by air. The benefits of air freight include fast and efficient delivery, lower costs, and reduced environmental impact.

Air freight is a reliable and efficient way to ship large or bulky items. Large items can be transported in cargo planes, which are much larger than regular passenger planes. This means that air freight can reach destinations quickly and without the need for customs or clearance procedures. Air freight also has a smaller environmental impact than other forms of shipping.

How does air freight work?

Air freight is the transportation of goods by air. Goods are transported by aircraft and are moved through the air from one point to another. The main types of airfreight include express, bulk, and air cargo.

Express airfreight is used for high-value items that need to be delivered quickly. This type of airfreight uses a higher level of service and requires specialized equipment, such as aircraft that can fly at high speeds and handle tight schedules. Bulk airfreight is used for items that do not require the same level of service as express air freight but still need to be delivered quickly. Air cargo is used for items that do not fall into either of the other two categories. Air cargo typically uses a lower level of service than express or bulk airfreight and does not require specialized equipment.

What are the different types of air freight?

Air freight is the transportation of goods by air. Air freight can be divided into four main categories: air cargo, mail, express, and air taxi.

The options for shipping by air freight

Air freight is one of the most popular methods of shipping. It's also one of the more expensive methods, but it can be a very fast way to get your product to your customer. Here are some key logistics terms and definitions you'll need to understand when shipping by air freight:

Air cargo: This is the actual shipment of goods by air. It includes everything from boxes and packages to large objects like aircrafts.

Baggage handler: The company that handles all the baggage for passengers on an airline flight. This company often hires outside help to handle equipment and other cargo as well.

Cargo hold: The part of an airplane where cargo is loaded or unloaded.

Door-to-door: Delivery from one point to another without stopping along the way. This is usually done with UPS or FedEx, but can also be done with other carriers if negotiated in advance.

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