Trinitario Cacao, Single Farm (Belize)

Fine flavor cocoa sourced from the southern jungles of Belize, directly from the farmers. 
 We ensure optimal quality of the Cacao we blend, and run quality control ourselves before it's packaged and shipped.
We allow your business to purchase the entire output of a single farmer, and nobody else in the world will own that same product!
Purchasing Options
Purchase from single farms located in any of the villages listed below; we will match you with the right farmer based on what volume you require
San Jose, Belize
San Antonio, Belize
San Bonite Poite, Belize
Certified Fair trade and grown organically
USDA Certified Organic

Trinitario & Criollo

The primary variety grown in Southern Belize, south of the Columbia Forest Reserve. The natural habitat of the cocoa tree is in the lower region of the evergreen rainforest, and climatic factors, particularly temperature and rainfall, are important in encouraging optimum growth. The cacao trees are grown in densely populated forests where pod colors include: brown, yellow, green, orange and red.

Origin: San Jose, Belize

Elevation: 2,400ft – 2,700ft (762m – 823m)

Temperature range:     Maximum annual average: 30 – 32ºC

 Minimum average of 18 – 21ºC

Rainfall:          1,600mm – 2,000mm              (100in annually)

Humidity:        95% – 100% during the day

70-80% during the night

Harvest Period:  October – March (Main period)

Offering: Trinitario (Regional Blend, Single Origin Farms, Micro Lots)

Surrounding Vegetation: Mahogany, Cedar, Sapodilla, Ramon, Cohume & Figs.

Types: Catie R1.. catie R4.. catie R6 ICS.. PMCT 58

Flavor Profile: Carmel, Pineapple, Honey

Orders will be shipped in increments of 80 lb bags
Please inquire for pricing