Coffee Single Estate (F.C.J Volcán Azul, Costa Rica)

Costa Rica Single Estate lots and Estate blend
F.C.J Volcan Azul Single Estate
From a limited selection of exclusive micro-batches with unique qualities. Limited to plantations located above 1,500 m above sea level and grown on volcanic soil. Its picked during the middle of harvest season, for optimal ripeness of the cherries.
Types: Caturra, Geisha, Villasarchi, Sarchimor & Venezia
Processes: Washed, Honey or Natural


Elevation: 3937ft - 5900ft             (1200m - 1800m)

Temperature Range: 50°F - 74°F            (10°C - 23.5°C)

Annual Rainfall: 28.3 in             (719mm)

Harvest Period: 

Offering: FCJ Volcan Azul, Kahle Volcan Azul

Surrounding Vegetation: Oak, Cypress, Palm, Fern, Epiphytes.

Soil Type: Volcanic Soil

Grading/ Processing:

Primary: selective harvesting, fermentation process, and drying


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We ship our coffee in 46kg & 69kg Grain Pro bags which are then placed in polypropylene bags. “PET” is a synthetic, fully recyclable alternative to traditional jute bags.
Further Notes:
Costa Rica has one of the widest ranges of microclimates, due to the drastic change in altitude and climate over relatively short distances. These differences in climatic factors determine the flavor of the final cup.  Costa Rican coffee has set the standards for fine wet-processed coffee for the rest of Central and South America.  The regions famous for exceptional coffee are Tarrazu, Tres Rios, Herediá, Alajuela and Alajuela Poas Volcano.  Costa Rican coffee grown in a specific region is also called a coffee appellation.