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Direct from San Antonio, Toledo. 

Belize Cacao describes their cacao Beans as the “Belizean Blend” for its fine aromatic cacao grown in agroforestry plots by subsistence Mayan farmers in Southern Belize. The beans are a selection of over 100 Trinitario mother trees (with distinct varieties) introduced to Belize for commercialization in 1970’s. 

More Crop Info

Temp Range: Average 30C-32C
Rainfall: 1600-2000m (100 inches Annually)
Humidity: Day: 95%-100% Night: 70%-80% 
Surrounding Vegetation: Mahogany, Cedar, Sapodilla, Ramon, Cohume & Figs
Fermentation: Flat boxes, switched daily, 6 day fermentation, mixed daily
Temperature Range: 50°F-74°F (10°C-23.5°C)
Annual Rainfall: 28.3 in (179 mm)