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Direct from San Antonio, Toledo. 

 Fully fermented Trinitario. There is a
slight variation in size in this particular lot. The
preparation otherwise is very clean. The husk is light.
There are higher notes of fruit, particularly blueberry
blackberry, raspberry and an aroma of roasted
macadamia nuts during roast.

More Crop Info

Temp Range: Average 30C-32C
Rainfall: 1600-2000m (100 inches Annually)
Humidity: Day: 95%-100% Night: 70%-80% 
Surrounding Vegetation: Mahogany, Cedar, Sapodilla, Ramon, Cohume & Figs
Fermentation: 3 cascading boxes, flipped daily, 6 day fermentation, mixed hourly
Drying: ~6 days, until 6-7% moisture is reached
Temperature Range: 50°F-74°F (10°C-23.5°C)
Annual Rainfall: 28.3 in (179 mm)


Luciano is known for producing high quality cocoa with excellent flavor characteristic, being a good role model and giving back to his community. He cultivates at least 500 cacao trees including Criollo and Trinitario on his 25 acre farm.