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Purchase From Our Production Partners.

  • Explore the producers & origins we have to offer.
  • Identify your origin, farmer & variety of interest.
  • Call or email us with the relevant information.
  • We then set you up on our flexible shipping schedule.
  • Receive timely shipments directly from the producer.
  • Buyers may interact directly with the producer 
  • Cost per pound of green coffee or cacao goes down.
  • Crop Hub handles all your logistics from origin farm to your door! 
  • Purchase small quantities from subsistence farmers, or large volumes from bigger producers 

Our Commitment

Direct Sourcing Process

Crop Hub was founded to source product directly from small scale farmers including Estates and Micro-Lots in remote regions across the globe. We work to build lasting relationships to ensure a reliable supply chain that’s also completely transparent. Clients may choose one of our farmers based on their output, and secure all their product.


We maintain partnerships with various carriers, thereby bringing forth competitive pricing. The goal is to compile as many different shipments into the same transit period & the reasoning behind this, is to save our clients’ money and bring down the total product cost. We handle the clearance for our clients, so you can be stress free and focus on business while we ensure the delivery of quality product every time.

Supply Chain & Quality Assurance 

Crop Hub backs our products with a reliable service guarantee. If you’re not satisfied by anything we’ve supplied you, get in touch with us and we’ll take care of it immediately. The supply chain process is built ground up, so there’s a systematic process in place to successfully get the product from our farmers to a centralized location and finally to you. Quality control measures such as spot checks at the farm, humidity testing, process control etc. will be implemented. Clients’ who have requested further services on the ground will also be taken care of, through proper implementation of any post-harvest specifications. The products will then be packaged and dispatched from these centralized locations to the port of origin and loaded on the containers

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