Narangjal, Ecuador

Green Coffee

Region Info

Country: Ecuador
Origin: Naranjal
Region: Guayas Province
Elevation: 54 meters
Soil Type: Loamy-Sandy pH 6.3
Climate: Tropical Dry Forest
Temperature Range: 71.6°F - 89.6°F (22°C - 32°C)
Annual Rainfall: 980 - 1200 mm (216 days of precipitation)
Relative Humidity: 70% - 95%
Surrounding Vegetation: Banana

Cacao Type

The cacao type, CCN-51 is a hybrid also known as Coleccion Castro Naranjal 51. It was by invented Homero Castro in Naranjal, Ecuador, who designed it for high productivity and to combat tree disease caused by the fungus Ceratocystis fimbriata, locally known as Mal de Machete, that nearly wiped out Ecuador's native cacao trees. This hybrid consists a combination of Iquitos, LAN 21 Criollo, Amelonado, Contamana, Purus, Marañon, and Nacional cacaos.

Producers: Vicente Paladines, Diego Paladines

Fermentation: The cacao is placed into piles under a black tart on a concrete surface to ferment for 3 days. It is then laid out on the concrete surface to dry under the sun for 3 days, or in drying machinery if ambient humidity is high.

Packaging: Shipments come in 100 lbs (45.36 kg) quantities within Grain Pro bags and an outer jute bag.

Supply: The harvesting season in Naranjal is from October to June, with the bulk of it's harvesting season in April, giving to an annual productivity of 160 tons.

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