How It Works

How can I buy coffee, tea, or cocoa bean in wholesale quantities?
Online web-store
This is ideal for small to medium quantities of product which are available for shipment immediately
Our online store products are currently warehoused in the United States, and directly sourced from our partner farms
For online orders outside the USA please contact us after you have completed the purchase
Wholesale purchasing
  1. Contact us and we'll be happy to get you started!
  2. Choose the product & country your company would like to source from
  3. We can then proceed to understand whether the ideal source is a single region, estate, or small farm micro-lot
  4. Share your requirements & we'll ship you sample product
  5. Determine the volume you'll need to purchase & and select delivery dates from our shipping schedule
  6. We'll source, process & package your product
  7. Run quality control, then ship it straight to your business!


Please look at our services page, to further understand what we can do for you!