Northwestern Province, Cameroon

Green Coffee

Region Info

Country: Cameroon
Region: Syangja and Palpa Districts
Elevation: 1600-1800 meters 
Soil Type: Not Available
TemperatureNot Available
Annual Rainfall: Not Available
Surrounding Vegetation: Java from the Northwestern province is individually packaged from each farm.
Varietals: Java
Process: Natural

Districts in the Northwestern Province:

ACHA – avg. elev. 1600 m

Acha lies at the edge of Belo, the main town of the BOYO region of Cameroon. Procurement here was established with coffee from farmers in village, led by Bobe NGAM. Acha continues to be one of our leading centers for the development of new farm processes and practices. The pilot micro-washing station was built in Acha in 2013 and produces FULLY WASHED, HONEY and NATURAL preps.
ACHA 2019 honey processed coffee was harvested from specially selected farms by members of Hilltop Farmers Direct (HTFD), the farmers’ organization that exclusively oversees and manages the production of Cameroon Boyo™ Coffee brand.

ANJANG – avg. elev. 1800 m

Anjang village lies on the mid to upper slopes of the Boyo Hills. Coffee from Anjang is produced by just a handful of villagers who have embraced the Hilltop and Cameroon Boyo™ Coffee standards. Due to its remote access and the dispersed farms and population, we carefully monitor the few farmers that have been selected to provide the Anjang coffee lots.

AKEH – avg. elev. 1700 m

The coffee farms in AKEH are mostly on steep slopes, heavily wooded in the lower elevations (1700 m) and with progressively fewer trees as the altitude increases. Other food crops and larger plants like bananas and plantains are interplanted with the coffee, providing shade and additional food resources for the family.

MENTANG – avg. elev. 1600 m

The farmers of MENTANG were among the first group of farmers to send coffee to world markets directly, understanding the risks associated with the process, but confident that their higher quality and flavorful coffee would assure them better prices. The Mentang landscape consists of gently rolling hills with coffee farms extending from farmers’ residences and spreading on along the slopes.

Producer Story

The primary purpose of working with producers who are part of the Cameroon Boyo collective is empowerment. Coffee farming is extremely difficult just like all subsistence farming, the question is how can you empower the producers? When the selling process upholds the dignity

of the producers by allowing them to determine their own destiny; the current and upcoming generation of farmers are able to experience a better future. The key is to implement a streamlined supply chain process at the origin, so farmers are able to be educated on the best growing practices, run quality control, package and export all with complete transparency.

Cameroon Boyo implements COE groups or circle of excellence groups that allow small groups of farmers in villages or regions to peer review each other. It is in their best interest to continue maintain a level of quality to ensure that they’re quality participants of the COE groups and ultimately getting the highest returns on their product plus security with selling product.

There is currently political turmoil & unrest within the country of Cameroon between the old French colonies and British colonies. This has caused a lot of instability within the country, and of course the coffee growing/exporting process much like many other industries. It also deters the youth from participating in the coffee industry as their distracted with freedom, an extremely important aspect of life. We are trying to do our best as an external entity to be involved with the producers of Cameroon, and help them continue growing fantastic product.

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