Organic Assam Tea

Assam Tea is sought after by tea lovers across the globe, sourced directly from organic tea growers in the high-altitude region of Assam India; a region that is known for growing some of the best tea in the world.

We represent a group of small scale tea growers from Assam, to deliver organic and handcrafted tea leaves hand-picked from some of the finest small scale Organic Tea Farms in the region. We are currently offering Loose Leaf Organic Assam Tea. After one sip you will notice the smooth and robust taste, the rich flavor you expect from Assam tea with the purity and nutrition that comes from organic cultivation.

By partnering with the finest tea manufacturers in India, we are able to source our clients hand-picked tea leaves grown Organicaly and processed at the estate manually to retian vital nutrients. We ensure every step of the tea production process is carried out by us with great care and attention to detail. From hand-picking to hand-rolling, hand-shaping and hand-drying. This process is extremely time-consuming and work-intensive, but it yields a superior-quality tea. 

Our local ties to Assam enable us to work with one of the rarest tea estates in India who have been organic from the very beginning. Most organic teas grown in India have converted from chemical farming. It is just not the same and we guarantee you will taste and feel the difference