Simalungun Sumatra, Indonesia

Green Coffee

Region Info

Name: Purbatua
Region: Simalungun – North Sumatra
Elevation: 1400 -1600 meters 
Process: Semi-Washed / Wet Hulled
Varietals: Djember, Typica, Ateng

Cupping Notes

Aroma: Tropical Fruits and Chocolate
Flavor: Warming Spices, Caramel, Chocolate, Grape, banana, pineapple, and Cherry
Body: Syrupy and Creamy 
Acidity: Medium High, Bright
Aftertaste: Sweet and lingering

Producer Story

Purbatua is a small area located in Silimakuta District part of the Simalungun Regency in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

It is located between Seribu Dolok & Sigaruntung that sit roughly 1500 meters above sea level. The architecture of the homes in this region are largely traditional, and is also home to the palace of the Simalungun king about a century ago. One of the most famous kings of this region was Purba Rahalim XII, recognized nationally as one of the greatest leaders and build the foundation of tradition in what is left of the Simalungun area.

The region’s soil is extremely rich in nutrients which is fed by clean water brought down from the ice melts in the Himalayan region, which is absolutely fantastic for cultivation of coffee and other vegetation. A lot of the cultivated land is utilized for banana, pineapple, coffee, ginger, chilies, sweet potatoes, corn etc. The flavor of the coffee is definitely influenced by the fruits and spices of the surrounding vegetation. The clean water that feeds the soil also influences the coffee by bringing out brightness in flavor and reducing acidity.

Rich tradition produces rich coffee, and this is by far the best Sumatra coffees we have ever gotten our hands on.

The logistics process of getting the coffee all the way from the farms to Kathmandu, then to the nearest port and all the way through the pacific to the United States is quite arduous and takes quite a bit of time! At the end of the day it’s worth all the patience to support the farmers in this region and allow customers in the United States to enjoy coffee from such a remote region of the world.

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