Syangja & Palpa Districts, Nepal

Green Coffee

Region Info

Country: Nepal
Region: Syangja and Palpa Districts
Elevation: 1200-1400 meters 
Soil Type: Not Available
Annual Rainfall: Not Available
Surrounding Vegetation: Orange, Ginger
Varietals: Caturra & Bourbon, Peaberry
Process: Wet Process, Natural

The coffee is procured from subsistence farmers located in the Syangia & Palpa districts. Two high elevation neighboring districts separated by the Kali Gandaki River. The soil, water, air, elevation are all very similar in both districts. All the coffee is organically grown coffee and an outcome of sustainable farming that empowers the largest farmer coffee cooperative in Nepal. These districts produce some of the highest coffee growing country in the world and the coffee is truly unique. All the plants are high quality Arabica and cultivated over the minimum of 1,000 meters above sea level.

The natural coffees comes from the most rural/remote places in Nepal where the farmers do not have access to a community pulper or have a very hard time accessing water to implement the wet process. We have provided these farmers with small pulpers but again water is an issue in

these hills and it is easier for the farmers to just dry the coffee out, package them and send it over to the central procurement center.

Producer Story

Krishna Ghimire started in 1983 to introduce coffee to the general Nepali populace. After 30 + years of hard work, Highland has become the most trusted name in Nepali Coffee. In the past 30 years, this operation has helped uplift countless number of farmers in Nepal and some have even started their own roasting facilities.

The goal is to help uplift the general population in these rural areas and prevent life below poverty line and uplift into the middle class. Another important aspect is paying fair prices to our farmers to ensure they can live a more than sustainable lifestyle and also to make sure they do not revert back to rice and wheat farming.

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